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What will it be? Let's iterate and see... · By talrnu


Recent updates

It's 2017, where's my hover... oh, there it is
It turns out it's a real challenge to bring hoverboards into any world, even a world as small and simple as this one. Well, the challenge wasn't so much bringin...
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New DLC increases world size by 50%!
Turns out it's pretty easy to add more places to visit. Now there's a third house! More importantly, there are no invisible walls anymore - you can run in eithe...
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Now you won't get lost
There's a map! It shows you what the world looks like, how places are connected, where you are among them, and where you're going. Bet you didn't realize you've...
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New working title: "Walk To Your Neighbor's" Sim 2k17
Instead of running forever, now you have a place to be from and a place to go. But which are you from, and which are you just visiting? I bet you assumed the pl...
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Where is this going?
It's just a box. A red, sliding box. Sliding forever. Faster and faster. Oops, I tripped. I can fly! Up, up into nothing at all. It's not worth my money. Surely...
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The iterative saga begins
It's nothing. A fresh start! I wonder what it will be like...
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